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Aimee Bonham was born and raised in Utah.  She received her Bachelors of Fine Art from Brigham Young University in 2002; after which she and her husband moved to Chicago, IL where she resided for 6 years.  After leaving Chicago she spent 8 years in her southern UT hometown of St.George and now currently resides in South Orange County in Dana Point, CA.   


Aimee Bonham's artwork is formalistic in approach.  Organic line and color in her works are formal elements composed according to aesthetic principles – rather than as the visual representation of sociopolitical realities or philosophical theories.  Her work is composed in a sensuous manner to express a mystic realm of line and color.  She chooses to  simplify imagery and to create abstractions of the natural world.  There is no specific endpoint at the beginning of a piece; nevertheless,  a color palette or tonality may guide the painting to evoke a desired feeling or emotion. Blind contour drawings in wax pencil layered with thin or thick layers of empasto oil paint "push and pull" the viewer through the work creating movement which is the pulse of nature.


Aimee Bonham also creates street paintings.  

See her street painting work.  

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