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Aimee Bonham spent her youth traversing the red desert hills of southern Utah. Later, Aimee moved to northern Utah where she studied painting at Brigham Young University and became a mother. As life evolved so did her art.  This is reflected by her living in Chicago, returning to southern Utah, and now southern California. Consequently, her widely shown art in public exhibitions and private collections offers her true personal life story.


My goal is to create an immersive experience where the viewer can engage with the piece and explore the potential of imagination.


My work uses an abstract piece as a genesis of an installation experience. I see each painting as a window, a peek into a larger world. Something more lies beyond the parameters of the painting's edge. My work features forms that enter and leave. This creates a sense of continuity expanding beyond the boundaries of the painting. This blurring creates a sense

of possibility that encourages the viewer to imagine the indefinite. 

Aimee Bonham also creates street paintings.  

See her street painting work.  

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